Sunday, February 21, 2010

I need to pray a lot harder

Have you ever felt that you needed to let out everything you've got in your head BUT you just can't 'cos whatever you say will not change anything 'cos favourites will always be favourites, lies will always be lies, things like that u know?

Hmm.. these few weeks have been depressing weeks for me.Emanating mostly from work.I always wonder is this the right job for me? The question alone might be a pathetic question 'cos I should've thought of that when I applied in the first place right? Like, er, 5 years ago? The thing is, yes, things have been good, if not better since then and like everyone (especially my boyfriend) say, you're getting all the best things, why is there a doubt? Or even a prickle of thought of moving to a second job? Am I not thankful enough?

Again, becos lies will always be lies, favourites will always be favourites, things I say will most probably be 'unpolitically correct', I guess I'll pass la. Like always. Hmm.

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