Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr Not-So-Right

The Wedding Guide Asia has just recently updated their article on differentiating between your Mr Right.. and Mr Right-Now.. hehe.. It's a good read, I must say, as I am also one of those who tend to fall recklessly in love, and then ending up hurting myself.. so here's some pointers, ladies (and for myself too) :)

Your First Date moments
First impressions always leave an overbearing taste (be it bitter or sweet) in your mouth.
Mr. Right-now may… lavish you with peonies, a four-course meal at The Wolseley, ending the date with a dance to Sinatra.
But he’s certainly Mr. Right if… he remembers every single detail of your date, from what you wore, to the perfume you used. Most importantly, he will remember that you not only looked gorgeous on the outside, he will also realise what a beautiful person you are on the inside.

Second Date disasters
We all go through the ‘Will he call, won’t he call’ moments! And when he finally does?
Mr. Right-now may… pull strings to get you into the hottest sushi bar (you know there’s a six-months waiting list), followed by champagne and fireworks display overlooking the harbour.
But he’s certainly Mr. Right if… he behaves like a perfect gentleman, is attentive in conversations and laughs even at your appalling jokes. Most importantly, still gave you a peck on your cheek even though you realised later when you got home, that you had spinach in your teeth.
The Honeymoon period
We all love finding out new things about somebody, getting to know what they like whilst enjoying the company of each other; this I think, is the fun bit of a relationship.
Mr. Right-now may… arrange picnics in the park, tickets at the theatre and a trip to Paris (just to pick up some Macarons)
But he’s certainly Mr. Right if… the blue boxes he lavishes you with always came with a little hand-written note inside. A watch is but a watch without a story to tell, but it is the note inside that always brings a tear to your eyes: ‘You bring meaning to the TIME in my life’.

As the going gets tough
As you settle into your comfortable selves, the grinds of daily life kick in. Juggling work, friends, family and a relationship is often tricky.
Mr. Right-now may… bring you lunch at work, charm your friends at the weekend and make your aunties laugh at Grandpa’s 70th birthday.
But he’s certainly Mr. Right if… he listens when you moan about your boss, rescues your locked-out sister when you are out of town, but most importantly, in times of despair and sadness, holds your hand and tells you it’s going to be alright.
Finally, wise words from some of the WGA team:
When you feel completely at home with that person! They may not be perfect, but you love even their flaws –  Stephanie
When a guy knows he wants to be with me, there would be no hesitation on his part to marry me. In a way, I knew he was the one when he instantly knew I was his Mrs. Right – Alia
When he didn’t complain about my coffee. That’s (hopefully) a lifetime of early mornings saved :) -Evanna
When I realised that no matter what I was facing, be it ‘ups’ or ‘downs’ he was always there for me –Elaine


So, what's YOUR interpretation of Mr Right? Mind sharing?

Content credits to Wedding Guide Asia

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