Sunday, March 20, 2011

The 5 love languages

Today I had the entire day doing nothing, so what I did when I first got logged on this morning was this Love Language Profile. It deciphers how you communicate with your loved one best. It's actually a test for husbands/wives but no harm trying right? 

And my score was as below.

I actually got a tie of 9 points for both Quality Time and Physical Touch. This means that my best method of communication (otherwise known as my own love language) are those 2 languages. Am quite surprised that Words of Affirmation is only 2.  

Pretty accurate it seems, as I am the type who love quality time with my loved one, undivided attention and all, no sharing, mind you :P I love spending time doing what I love most with him :) And I love hugs and caresses, doesn't matter with who ;)

You can take this test here

So, when your loved one doesn't say he loves you much, or he doesn't shower you with extravagant gifts much, he probably has another love language he's been using to convey his love towards you. Might be one of the 5 languages above,who knows ;)

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