Friday, October 22, 2010

Love my girlfriends

You know, sometimes it's the littlest and simplest things that make your day. For eg,  the below conversations;

how about u?
i was browsing ur picture
i think u should take photography la
i nk tdo dulu taww
nite nite

Love u Nas. Sangatsss. She motivates me all the time, telling me that I can, in whatever situation. Helped me get through the worst of times.Ni dah berapa kali dia cakap I should take photography.

myb coz i knw wht it feels like
been there n done dat
so move forward
i like to move it move it!
this is d time to find urself n get to knw ursllf
time for exploration
lol..its inside u girl

Love u Lene :))) Pun a great friend and motivator, memang beriya-riya motivate when I'm down, she's like a sunshine, full of positive vibes.

I don't know what I'll do without these girlfriends. They bring the best out of you and still accept you as you are, regardless of what you are now and how you were in the past. Untuk makluman, yours truly memang sangat down sekarang. Heeee.. Sayang uols.

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