Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Live life.

Watched an interesting movie on Astro, 'Passenger' while having my chicken noodle for dinner today. It's basically about a grieving counselor, Anne Hathaway, who needs to confront her traumatized clients, surviving a plane crash. The ending is pretty unpredictable (hint: it involves life after death..heee), but there is an important reminder I get from the movie.

In one part, Hathaway was given an eye-opener by her neighbour, "I was like you. Cautious, missing opportunities." She added, "Spread your wings, life is a moment."

Well, this mirrors yours truly. When will I spread my wings? Feeling kind of down these few weeks. Entering a new phase perhaps? Not so sure. It's like I lost myself. 

Anyways, I googled the phrases from this movie (it has a number of good phrases) and found these as well, "Erik is just reaching for life. He’s trying to put it all together. Whenever someone is faced with death, if you get another chance to live you want to live to the fullest. Eric doesn’t want to take anything for granted anymore. He wants to value what’s important to him, to live his life as passionately as he can. Because your time here is short."

:) Live life.

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