Monday, October 25, 2010

Get-togethers of ♥ and passion

My weekend was filled with get-togethers with friends, in short L-O-V-E ♥. My darlings, babes who have seen and been through everything, the fall and the rise, the sad and the happy.

They talk about their dreams and ambition, great ones and some are already on its way. They have sad stories too, and yet, those never keep them from visualizing the future.

Some are full of plans; like there's no tomorrow. It's like they want to grab every single thing out of life, this and that. 

It impressed me; cos it seems like nothing will stop them from their dreams and I really salute that and all of these actually made me feel way better because I guess there should be something that we should look forward to everyday to keep us going again and again, regardless of the downfall. 

These triggered me of my own dreams and goals and such which I had long forgotten, and whilst online yesterday, I browsed through a local photographer's website. Its actually a SHE and she has previously gotten a Cleo Achiever's Award due to her outstanding work of portraiture. Amazing. 

Then I remembered my passion, to find beauty in things, people, feeling, and translate them into pieces of art by words and pictures of expression. I wonder where has those gone to? It's time to continue the passion 'cos life's too short to be regretting over things that won't even matter. 

Let's start with love :)

Blogs are dull without photos kan? Heh, so jom view (didn't take much that weekend anyhoo)
One of my bestfriends, Fad and her little Qisty :)

The ambiance at the Jazz Nite at Subang Empire

Me and my basket of heaven @ Chili's, Subang Empire (photo courtesy of Azlene)

Atilia for Jazz Nite (photo courtesy of Azlene)

p.s : Didn't get any photos during my get-together with Nas and Fid due to syiok bercerita. Will definitely have more Kodak (or Nikon/Canon/hp camera jer) moments the next time we meet up.

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