Wednesday, July 24, 2013

aneez maisarah - you will be dearly missed

Who, when a calamity befalls them, (by showing perseverance), say: 
'Verily we belong to Allah, and certainly unto Him shall we return'.
Al-Baqarah Verse 156

I lost a niece today. She's only 12. At the moment, we don't know what would have caused her passing but according to her mum, she passed out in front of a clinic, turned blue and her mum rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Sad news is, Monday was her first time fasting. 

The last time I met her was last month. Her family came to KL to send her brother off for college. We met for dinner in Jalan TAR and as always, she will be super manja with me because she seldom sees me. Kak Weina this, Kak Weina that. She would insist to hold my hand and walk with me. Being an only daughter (youngest somemore), her family pampered her a lot since she was a baby and she would get whatever she wanted. She could be mischievous at times (to the point which may irritate some people) but she never mean any harm. 

Her passing is a shock to everyone. I feel sorry especially towards her mother because they were so very close. And her mum is an amazing woman, I tell you. A very patient mother. I pray that they both will go to Jannah. 

I will surely miss her antics and her constant plea to get me to accompany her to swim.

December 2012
After 2 days of persuasion, I finally gave in to teman her swim. Huhu.

Aneez sayang, you will be dearly missed. 


"Didiklah hati, pujuklah hati supaya celik melihat kasih sayang Tuhan"