Monday, June 24, 2013

a better person

I love reading materials or excerpts that inspire me, and sometimes I share them on my blog. Here's one that I read this morning which somehow made me look at things in a different perspective. It's written in my native Malay language, so I'll try my best to translate them :)


This morning I heard both my parents teasing each other, and my mum even sang (!). All I could do was smile sheepishly, else if I were to butt in, it would be another different story. There's a blessing that my mum was admitted to the HUS (Sarawak General Hospital) the day before. A fish bone has gotten stuck in her gum and my dad had to accompany her to the hospital. And now they're teasing each other like mad :)

Moral of the story, Sometimes in order to have a good thing to happen, a bad thing must occur first. Always have faith in Allah, always think good of Him because He has only the best plans for us. 

End of transation

I think I have became a better person in these few months. Spiritually, and in knowing myself better and what I want. I fell in love again with things that had once upon a time kept me alive - music and literature. 

There's just one thing that still lingers in my mind. 
There's this saying by Paolo Coelho, "Enjoy the questions and forget the answers." 
Thing is, how do we enjoy the questions when we spend the start of our waking hours wondering what was wrong with ourselves? Every single day. 

If I could have the answer to that, I think I will finally be at peace. 

To the next journey and beyond.



  1. your translation is missing the he was in the toilet having a dump part.

    it's important too. because he's having a double happy hour. one for the dump, and one for finding himself sengih sorang dalam toilet. hehehe.

  2. u know, he never said anything about having a dump :P

    1. he heard them gurau2, her mom singing, sengih2 lagi... u cant do that just on a piss. :p

    2. he might have been scrubbing the toilet >.<