Sunday, June 9, 2013

shut your eyes

The best way to know if you love someone.

Is to shut your eyes.

When you shut your eyes, you eliminate the things that are unnecessary to you and focus on the most important thing that matters to you. 

Sometimes that's the best way to make a decision. 

Taken from a self-motivation book by Albert Espinosa, "The Yellow World"; 

"They always advised us to shut our eyes. For them, shutting the eyes was almost magical. You shut your eyes and it was as if you managed to get rid of all the unimportant details. Closing your eyes eliminates one of your senses, the sense that distracts you the most, that brings in the most information."

I have to agree with this because at times when I'm on the praying mat, sometimes I'll be thinking that the blinds and the mutes are the ones luckier than us because they are not distracted by the things that they can't see or hear, which helps them to concentrate in their prayers. As for myself, sometimes the slightest movement or sound can easily distract me from concentrating on my  prayers. Talk about khusyu'.

 I found this book by chance in Kinokuniya while waiting for my brother to finish his work and it IS a good read. I didn't buy it though because at the time I was torn between buying this or Paolo Coelho's 'Aleph'. I ended up not buying both. Pfft. I will soon. I will :P

I just finished my Sidney Sheldon debut novel and I gotta say that I missed a lot. Have not been reading for quite a while now and I intend to continue this passion. 

Alright, need to have some shut eye now, not because I need to decide something, it's because I have a packed day tomorrow.. hehe. 

Try shutting your eyes to make that decision you've been holding on to for so long. 

Night, angels!

We need to learn how to lose things, and see our losses in new ways. Even the most painful experiences have beauty hidden in them - Albert Espinosa

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