Saturday, December 17, 2011

We can't live without 'em, can we?

I would normally blog about things that interest me. One of the obvious, is FOOD! 

Array of Indian delicacies that was served buffet-style at my office 
for Deepavali celebration

@ Paddington House of Pancakes, Midvalley

also at Paddington's. 
I simply LOVE their pancakes!

Sago gula melaka, Kitchen Village, Cyberjaya

This is one of my favourite dish and I will always pick it up from the conveyor belt
Salmon cheese croquette! Nyums!

Salmon skin, my beau's favourite

This is actually a one-of dish they have in IKEA (something like Manager's special)
It's called Nasi Ayam Sarawak
Nothing Sarawak-ish about this dish, it's just that personally I think that this dish dubs 
Sarawak's very own fast-food restaurant, Sugarbun's, famous rice dish

Yup, the ever classic IKEA meatballs! *screams*

Bento set from Jusco food court, One Utama

Cookies & Cream waffles, Gelare

Salmon dish, Ayers Rock, The Strand

Beef burger, also from Ayers Rock, The Strand

Seafood platter, The Manhattan Fish Market, e-Curve
Seriously filling, I tell you!

Clams fra diavolo, Italiannies, Curve

Turkey ham and cheese pizza, also Italiannies, Curve
I actually had the urge to have some crisp thin pizza that day, so I opted for this instead of the usual Shrimp Alio Oglio

So there you go, favourite food and favourite makan spots. 
What made me how I am today :D


  1. i so remember ikea meatballs. being the first time, i asked the dude at the counter how many should i take. he said 5 and rather skeptically i took his advice.

    1st to 3rd meatball laju je makan. on the 4th i was wondering when is this thing gonna finish?!

  2. haha, not your cup of tea?

    it's my must-eat everytime pegi ikea tu. satisfying!