Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ocean Park + Causeway Bay + Ayam Penyet = FUN SATURDAY

Best Saturday ever! (I mean, throughout my stay in Hong Kong)
I honestly think it's the company that makes it even better.

Ina and I took off from the hotel at 9++ am and headed to Admiralty subway after dropping off my laundry. At the Admiralty we took the Ocean Park bus (tix costs $250 + bus tix costs $10.60) and reached the park in about 20 mins.

Started the day with rides (rode on all except the roller coaster, ferris wheel, raging river and train) then went to watch the seal + dolphin show. Had fillet-o-fish (as always) for lunch and then continued with the rest of the rides again. Went on the cable car and was dizzy throughout the ride.By the time we finished the trip, I was nauseous and having headache. BUT I don't mind at all 'cos it was fun. Bought a penguin plush toy and it is damn CUTE ;) Will hug everynite, haha!

Next, we went to Causeway bay which is 2 subways away from Admiralty. Hunted for the infamous 'Warung Malang' (ya, that is SERIOUSLY the name of the shop) and for a while I felt like I was in Amazing Race 'cos we literally asked everyone (the shop assistants, the police, the HKees, the Indons) and crossed quite a few streets just to get to Pennington's. Finally we got the exact place after meeting an Indonesian lady and the shop was actually just across the street we were in.

So, apalagi, I ordered Ayam Penyet and Es Cendol. Sedap giler babs. I guess 'cos originally from Indon. Heavenly! Syukran :)

Then we had a ride on the tram. Feels like I'm ticking off a list of the things-to-do-in-HK in just one day. Feels great! Actually we weren't sure where we were going, just grabbed onto a tram and rode macam orang-orang local. Hahaaa! Back and forth Sogo. After the ride, we shopped at Sogo. I got myself a purse and cardigan from Mango. Tak puas!

Back from the island, we got back our laundry and ended the day.


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