Friday, November 5, 2010

A week of honeymoon

I had the whole of this week to myself as I was told to clear my leaves ASAP before I fly off to Hong Kong. After this week, I still have 2 days leave balance to clear in 2 weeks time. Nice! It's refreshing to have nothing to do for a whole of a week, you know :)

Anyways, I went to office jugak on Monday morning to finish up on the work handover i.e training materials and my trainee's 1-1 drafts and went back after lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching TV. What a bliss!

On Tuesday, I went shopping at Sunway Pyramid. Grabbed few good stuffs. Hahaa. I needed to shop for winter clothes anyhow. 

 Got myself a wool sweater and a t-shirt
 A short dress. Love it!

My all-time favourite cinnamon rolls - CINNABON! 
They've changed the packaging to this lovely colour and had placed the Halal sign as well
On Wednesday, I went out with my bestie Nas to Pavillion. My first time driving on MEX :) (huh, bangga giler) Actually I love Pavi because of it's ambiance and beautiful people. Oh ya, at the time they were having Malaysian International Fashion Week - MIFA 2010. MIFA stands for Malaysian International Fashion Alliance. The setup of the runway and seating was amazing. Unfortunately we could only watch it from afar (and that was only for the introduction speech as we needed to get home early). Here's a video from the show that I like 'cos I love watching mummies and daddies strut the runway with their adorable kids. 

I needed to go back to office on Thursday as my boss needs the documents quite urgently. Stopped by the office and had lunch with my geng keras ofis. Spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up my very very messy room :P

Today morning I watched tv while eating keropok udang and then tadaaa.. online! :P Plans for today was just handing over the kek lapis that one of my friends ordered and then maybe drop by IOI mall for a cuci mata kinda thing lol

Oh yea, you know how people are always saying do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say and have no regrets. Well, I did say what I wanted to say to a particular person and I'm glad I said it, even though that took me something like a truckload of courage. Phew! All's good now :) 
p.s : it happened on that wednesday. not sure if he will be reading this but if he does, i shy again (!)

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  1. say what to which particular person mie? ngeh ngeh ngeh (mode:sebok) :) azim