Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sneak peek - UNIQLO, Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang

UNIQLO (or Yunikuro), Japan's leading fashion store has now debuted its first Malaysian outlet here in Fahrenheit 88 (formerly known as KL Plaza) in Bukit Bintang on 4th November 2010. 

What makes UNIQLO different from other commercial brands is that it features casual wear (read jeans, khakis, polo t-shirts etc) with a touch of fresh urban designs.

Starting from it's opening day, UNIQLO has been having massive sale with jeans and khaki pants starting at RM49.90 (they're very well worth it!) and t-shirts starting at RM29.90. The ground floor was dedicated to Men's and Women's Campaign items (meaning items on sale) while the 2nd and 3rd floor was dedicated to women and men clothing respectively. As winter is approaching, most of the normal priced items are of winter clothes for e.g fleece jackets, wool jackets, sweaters, mittens etc.

I've had my share of joining the crazy crowd lining up to get into the store for a sneak peek.

The store map was given prior to entering the outlet

The 'pitstop' at the entrance of the store. Yes, they put up rows and rows of fences for the crowd to line-up and go into the store. The number of people who came was beyond imagination despite Saturday being the 3rd day of its opening :) 

 Purchases by yours truly
1 t-shirt for brother, 2 long sleeve shirts for myself 

Will be heading to this store again when the crowd has subsided :) It is just so crazy out there!


  1. Hi amy!!

    I have heard about this place but never went there, is it worth it??


  2. harlowww. i went that one time and it was crazyyy..during the promo period, it was very much worth it. imagine, khaki pants/jeans 49.90, shirts 29.90-39.90, sweaters 49.90. they've got great stuffs for winter too.u should head there, it's just in front of pavillion's main entrance. i'll definitely make a comeback :P

    p.s love reading ur blog :)