Saturday, November 22, 2014

how i got my phone back

Sometimes I amuse myself (in a bengong kind of way of course, hoho). 

I've not been on smartphone for a whole month, you see, due to some OS/system issue thingamajig. And my fault la because instead of sending it straight to the service centre, I sent it for repair at one of the shops instead (my phone is still under warranty). The guys in the shop pulak, the type who suka main2. I get it, they're just guys but well :(

Everytime I call or go to the shop to ask about my phone update, they will say next week, next Friday, next Wednesday. So with each visit, I will become frustrated, in addition to their lots of talk and lame excuses. And I'm not the kind who layan excuses and I'm not exactly patient myself (sabar is so hard did I tell you?) After a month, last Wednesday I called them up for the umpteenth time and they asked me to call back on Friday to check if the 'office boy' from the service centre has delivered the phone back to them that day. On Friday morning, I called them up and they confirmed that my phone is ready for pick-up. My Friday was a bliss, work was good, people were joyful, weather was superb, the drive back from work was amazing, and even the car infront of me paid for my toll alhamdulillah, may Allah bless him/her.

When I reached the store and they asked for receipt, I panicked. I didn't bring it. Actually I lost it. So they said, "takde resit, tak boleh amik." I searched high and low in my bag and purse, confirmed, I lost it. So they said, there's another procedure to go through if I didn't have my receipt with me, because according to them, there have been many cases where other people has been taking phones on behalf of the owner, but turned out that they were cheating. The other procedure will be to come back to the store the next day yada-yada. By that time, I was already feeling angry and some more frustrated inside.  I raised my voice, "But the phone memang I punya. I waited a month for this."

I know it is my fault for losing the receipt but I was hoping for them to just release the phone already since I've been going to their store every week just to get updates. They kept on saying no, and I turned my back, looking at the phone cover display on the wall. I was actually restraining my anger. Next thing I knew, tears were already streaming down my face, and I was wiping them off. In the background, one of the salesman talked to the Supervisor in Chinese, "What was the matter? Just give her the phone la." Probably seeing that I was already crying. 

"So macamana? U datang esok ok." the Supervisor said. I turned to him, tears still streaming down my face. "Alamak, you tak payah nangis la. Macam ni pun mau nangis ka," he asked. I wanted to scream, I WAITED A WHOLE MONTH AND CHECKING UP EVERY WEEK FOR UPDATES ENDING UP IN FRUSTRATION EVERY TIME, NOW YOU'RE ASKING ME TO GO THERE AGAIN THE NEXT DAY? 

Drama kan?

But I didn't say that la. I kept quiet. He took the phone from their cabinet and flipped through their invoice, looking for my name. "You sign sini and letak no IC" Still keeping quiet, I signed. "Kalau ada apa-apa nanti still rosak, you datang balik sini tau." In my heart, I was saying 'No Way!'. I think I smiled a little, that 'Yeah right." kinda smile, you know. Lol. 

I must have make it to their rare (read : emo) customer list. Well, at least now I have my smartphone, yay! (nampak tak how important it is to my daily activities.. hoho) It is a need, not a luxury!

Life is now back to normal. 

Have a good weekend!


  1. well paint me and clad me and call me a monkey.

    giler drama. serious. its like... giler... drama. hehehehehe

  2. The workers sound like my students, like giving lame excusesss.