Sunday, December 21, 2014

you ready?

Sometimes I wonder, when youngsters talk about marriage, or rather, about getting married, do they really know what they're in for? Weddings and marriage are two very separate entities.Yes, of course talking about weddings is exciting. Weddings are beautiful, yes they are, no doubt. And when one person does it, and then another, and then another, of course this will add on to the excitement of going through the same road. 

Starting on that journey is easy. But to sustain it? 

Can you handle it if he has to go off for work for months without seeing each other? How do you handle it if a co-worker of his flirts with him? Do you go berserk? How do you maintain your composure? How patient can you go? How do you love that worst part of him without trying to change him?  

What do you do if there is change of hearts? How do you sustain the same feeling you had when you first got married to him? What do you do to sustain it? How far can you sustain it? 

Are you strong enough?

Or do you resort to divorce?

My child, life is not a bed of roses. Some things are so easy to say out, because you are only projecting the good part of it. You are only picturing the beautiful part of marriage. There are 2 sides to everything; the lovely side and the not-so-lovely side. Are the both of you ready to go through both sides together? 

You need to know what are your responsibilities. What do you answer to God if those under your care goes astray? 

I'm not against youngsters getting married early. Of course the popular reason would be to keep away from inappropriate behaviors. But please, please, learn your responsibilities. Go to classes, seek advice from the elders. Learn from your parents. Can you be half as strong as they are? 

If you are still teaching others to hate, or still not treating your parents right,  I don't think you are quite ready to get married yet, let alone become a parent on your own. 

Just my 2 cents. 

By the way, I have been greatly inspired by a lady called Fynn Jamal, a poet/singer/song-writer. I have only started following her on Instagram since probably 2 months ago and I've fallen in love with what she's made of. I'll be talking more about her in my next posts and share some of her poetry or inspirational posts on her Instagram account, fynnjamal. 


  1. my 2 cents thoughts. leave evrything to Allah. evrything. do u think Allah will guide us wrong? dont worry too much about long distance relationship, husband's flirting, no enough money to shop and bla bla bla.. dont ever think abt it k dear. thats syaitan's whisper. kite nikah, niat lillahi ta'ala, and ikut sunnah nabi. khallas. hiccups in the mariage, we are human. again, leave evrything to Allah. the youngsters, hopefully, they got guidance from Allah, after istikharah, and that is the best during that time.

    1. wallahualam. thanks anonymous. a reminder for me as well :)

  2. aah, i read about this in the newspaper recently. kementerian pembangunan wanita et al. was also addressing this issue due to high divorce rate which is being contributed to early marriage-based on statistics and survey. there is high concern on moral problems within this scope of discussion. i believe early age marriage here refers to teenage years or maybe underage. may or may not be under the influence of drugs, just kidding.