Friday, May 2, 2014

hello, baby girl!

Remember my niece born a new year baby this year? 
She's now a healthy bouncing baby of 4 months old, alhamdulillah.

These photos of her makes me sooooo geram. 

This is her at around 3+ month. Her first time using baby car seat. 
Muka clueless ni. Doesn't know what has she got herself into.

Hello, baby girl!

Baby girl screaming 'Nek Mokkkk!' to one of my aunts :) 
Yeah, her uncle is pretty creative, I must say.

Love you, baby girl <3 nbsp="">

Oh yeah, another cousin of mine has delivered a baby girl today (1st May), alhamdulillah!
So I've got 2 nieces born on the 1st, now. 

Having a baby girl as your firstborn is like getting a new bestfriend kan, ladies?
I hope my firstborn will be a baby girl also :P This special bond between mothers and daughters are masyallah, so beautiful. 

Having said that, of course, I'll accept whatever rezeki that He plans to bestow us upon :) 


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