Saturday, July 21, 2012

kecik hati

I know it's Ramadhan month but I couldn't help wanting to express this kecik hati feeling of mine. It's actually over a close friend, who I feel is just taking our friendship to her advantage. Been having this nagging bad feeling before, but I had always brushed it off because I had always, always looked up to her as  a very positive person.  

You know how people say in a friendship there has to be giving and taking right? Lately I feel like I've been used, after recalling the favours that she had asked of me vice versa. I don't want to be calculative, but really, you didn't even ask me how I was after the operation? You know I was in an operation yesterday and the the first thing you asked me in your message was a chaser of whether or not I can attend to your needs scheduled this September? 

I am so hurt. I have given all that I can in my friendship but this I can't accept. I don't have to remind you over and over about what I do or the important events I have in my life that my girlfriends ARE supposed to know. I'm not one who updates my girlfriends regularly on my whereabouts or the little joy I have in my daily life, so once in a while, I just want you to acknowledge. That's it. I guess I'm also still kecik hati over the fact that  you didn't come for my birthday gathering with the reason you were out with some insurance agent. I invited you many weeks in advance just so you can plan ahead, but no. So what I am to you really? I can't always be the one who's gonna give, babe. 

Tired trying to please everyone. 


  1. sometimes people do stuff like that. just don't forget how and why u gals end up being close friends in the first place.

  2. thanks buddy.. maybe we need to have that sorta reminder once in a while.. happy fasting! :)