Saturday, July 21, 2012

good start to ramadhan 2012 1433 A.H

13 hours ago I posted this on my Facebook status. I was in the midst of feeling sad, afraid, bummed, nervous but at the same time excited. Weird combo huh?

Truth is, I just had a minor surgery today. Nothing serious, it's just that I'm having some women issues which had started since I was younger. Just had the awareness and *gulps* courage, to finally have it checked and attended to. 

I checked in at Sime Darby Medical Hospital at around 11.30am with my brother, got called in for procedure preparation at around 12.30 and wheeled into the Pre-operation Bay at around 1.30 pm. 

I think I had excessive anxiety attack moment while waiting in the Pre-operation Bay because at times, I had tears trickling down from my eyes. I was so worried. What if something went wrong?  What if I woke up in the middle of the surgery? What if I can feel the pain down south?

Urggh. So not cool. 

Prior to this very day, my mum kept reminding me to say my prayers before the operation ('cos I keep forgetting). Instead, I kept reminding myself to bring Cleo mag and Nora Robert's novel along in case of boredom. Shameful. So I recited the Qursi verse and selawat whilst on the bed waiting for the operation. 

On the bed, I remember recalling the last time I was in an operation theatre was when I was about 9 years old. Due to mischief, I had fallen from the stairs and somehow dislocated my left wrist bone. 

And now, another operation at this age of a quarter of a decade! Slightly more than a quarter that is, hahaha!

At around 2.30 pm I was moved into the operation theatre (OT), given anesthetic drugs in the form of injection and breathing gas and the next thing I knew, I had passed out. I woke up to the sound of 'Dayang, operation dah habis' repeatedly. I was still so blur and sleepy, I just nodded. For a 10-minute intervals later, my blood pressure was checked. Time was 3.15 pm.

I was finally released an hour later with some prescription. Honestly, I wasn't in pain after the surgery, I was just feeling dizzy but they gave me a wheelchair to the lobby anyway. I got myself an Italian sandwich and a few cookies from Subway before I left. I was extremely hungry, been fasting since morning. And yeah, SDMC has their very own Subway, Dome and 1901. Super cool for a hospital!

My brother drove me home 'cos I wasn't allowed to drive due to the anesthetic gas. Reached home, ate my Subway sandwich and slept for hours until near Isya'. I'll have this whole weekend spent resting, which is good 'cos it feels like I haven't had enough rest for a few weeks already. 

As I'm drafting this, I am still feeling drowsy. It has been 10 hours since the surgery. Just had cheese sandwich 'cos I was feeling so hungry (again!). Well it's now 1am and I am supposed to be calling it a night!

So, to all fellow Muslims, have a blessed Ramadhan, good sahur and breaking of fast with your loved ones. Have a meaningful month full of good deeds and don't forget the less fortunate ones as well. My vow for this Ramadhan, is ... A LOT! One of it is to recite the al-Quran as much as I can, insyallah. I want to be a better Muslim than I was for the past years. 

Til then, salam Ramadhan :)

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