Saturday, April 28, 2012

of love at first sight - pandora bracelets

I love shopping, indeed it's a girl's thing. I love clothes, shoes, handbags, but one thing that I am not really into, is jewellery. 

I can count by these 2 hands how many times that I've donned jewellery in a year. And the most times is probably during Raya holidays, and that is only because my mum asks me to. In fact, most of my jewellery are actually gifts from friends.

I had the day off yesterday and went out to 1 Utama to watch Avengers with the Mister. We arrived at nearly 1pm and the next show (with decent seating) is at 3pm, so we bought that. 

While waiting for the show to start, we had our lunch at Food Republic. I had chicken black pepper chop rice and teh tarik while Mister had chicken rice with braised eggs and his favourite iced coffee. 

After lunch, we walked around to kill time.

Lo and behold, by walking around, I got myself a funky headband, a lace cardigan (been aiming for that since ages, now I got it at half the original price) and 2 leggings.

Happy happy!

I also stopped by the newly-opened Tangs and got the chance to feast my eyes on the beautiful Pandora collections. Honestly, until a few months ago, I did not know of this jewellery range until my girlfriends talk about it. My first Pandora outlet experience was at Bangsar Village 2, where to me, it is just another Thomas Sabo-ish jewellery chain. 
Well, not until that visit to Tangs.

I found out that their charm bracelet is actually to-die-for, especially the ones from the Unforgettable Moments Collection

The X-factor to this collection is the introduction of Murano glass charms paired up with beautifully-crafted gold charms, including diamond-encrusted gold charms . Murano glass which is a famous product of the Venetian island of Murano uses the lamp-working technique. Have you ever seen the movie 'Sweet Home Alabama' starring Reese Witherspoon? The movie featured sand-blown clear glasses which is almost similar to the lampworking technique, using high temperature to mould the glass (made from silica) before it becomes solid.    

I fell immediately in love with the whole collection including the gold earrings. 
This is what I call love at first sight...  

The price is a bit pricey. A single bracelet itself costs from RM330 depending on the make, gold, sterling silver etc and a Murano glass charm starts at RM160. The third photo above is made out of 14k gold bracelet which costs RM6760 and 14k gold charms starting RM660 a piece.

Quite pricey eh? But I guess it's worth every cent. Just look at the precise details and the beauty of each bead. 

Ok, this goes into my long to-buy list, which I won't be ticking off anytime soon. Probably in another 2 years perhaps? Right now, I'm setting my priorities towards stabilizing my future and my family's future. So off you go into the list ya, Pandora bracelets. Not right now anyways :'(

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