Sunday, April 15, 2012

dreamers and dreambags

I was browsing through Kourtney Kardashian's recent photos the other day and oh boy, she looks even more fantastic pregnant!

Hot mama in Tom Ford shades

Aviators, tote and what could be hotter than red bitchy nail polish?

Looks effortlessly good


 Kourtney's NOT my main point.

My main point is ...

(as seen in the last 2 photos)


Yes, that's the one Imma be talking about. Look!

The range of Celine's Boston Smile Bag in various colours, sizes and textures 

I particularly love the 3 Celine totes below

The style and colours represents class and professionalism, oh I'm so in love already. 

On the very same night, I've ehem.. listed another few of must-get totes for myself (an extended list - see previos post on dreambags).

(not a fan until I see this one)

Marc Jacobs 
(been a fan since my Hong Kong trip)


"Pretty woman walking down the street, pretty woman the kind I like to meet.." 
 - Roy Orbison

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