Saturday, March 24, 2012


Tonight I was weak. 

Drove home from work with tears streaming down my face for about 30 minutes. I really hate this feeling where I feel rejected and guess what, stupid. 

I just don't get how just a little bit of power will change a person and how they turn into bullies. People say with great power comes great responsibility, but I wasn't aware that they come with big heads as well. 

And whatever happened to budi baik dibalas baik? Man, I am really glad I didn't persuade my family enough to move to this part of the world, where people are selfish and nothing means more than self benefits. And on racism, urgh enough already. They should come to where I come from to know what muhibbah means.

The thing is, I was raised in a positive environment, which I am truly thankful for. I believe in good deeds, good people, karma, honesty and sincerity. And I believe that as humans, we are supposed to return our good deeds, not back-stab each other. 

Oh my, what has the world become? 

And tonight, I was utterly disgusted at how some people can be so nasty just because they are in the presence of the management. Disgusting ass-licking bas****!

I woke up this morning with eyes similar to that of a gold-fish, bulging and whatnots and was still feeling so down.

So if anyone's reading this, parents-to-be especially, please encourage a healthy childhood for your offsprings. Let them learn not to judge, be carefree, learn by making mistakes, experience the different wonders of life, be strong and most importantly, be themselves. 

Love is indeed the epitome of all good things. 

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