Thursday, March 15, 2012

shoes galore

Mister : Why do you need so many shoes for? Are you an octopus? Spider? Millipede?

Me : What? Millipede? You mean centipede? *bursts out laughing*

Mister :  =.='

Out of curiosity, at work I searched via Google on whether this millipede exists and to my amusement, it actually does!

So Mister, sorry for laughing so hard at you  >.<

The above conversation took place after I bought 3 new pairs of shoes (after the 2 wedges I bought last month - 1 not even used yet) from Charles & Keith Warehouse sale last Saturday. In case you missed it, yes, it's warehouse sale for C&K! 

I didn't really wanna go at first because I wasn't in the mood for warehouse-shopping these days but when there were more and more hoo-haa over it on Facebook, I couldn't resist the urge to check it out myself. 

1130 am

They released the queues batch by batch. 
I only got in after something like the 3rd or 4th batch. 
All in the name of Mr Charles and Mr Keith *bows down*

These 3 are what I got from the warehouse sale, hoorah!
Heels, wedge and flats - perfect! 

I'm into wedges lately, so this white one is an addition to my black wedges and brown wedges collection

I love snakeskin, crocs skin, so I bought this one. Plus, it is pretty stylo for casual wear. I normally wear my rotten slippers :P 

Thank God they have this my size. I saw a girl with these in her hands and then and there I wished that they still have it in my size. So God granted!


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