Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still the one

I wasn't exactly ecstatic about celebrating Valentine's Day this year and I'm pretty sure it has got something to do with my age. Or maybe due to the fact that I'm getting tired of doing the planning, hoping and dreaming. God knows.

Well, what I didn't expect was this ; 

A stalk of rose on my dressing table!


Honestly I wasn't expecting that at all and coming from someone who doesn't give a rat's ass about V-day OR roses, for that matter, this was indeed romantic!

So, thank you Sayang :-* 

I didn't get him anything this year because uh, last year I got him something and apparently he wasn't the type who celebrates, so uh, that was the reason :P

My office coincidently organised a Valentine's Day Cupcake charity drive and I got this from Ummie :D

Chocolate on top and egg custard inside

I guess one of the reasons that I wasn't really keen on celebrating this day this year is because I feel that I am being loved everyday by my beau, my friends and family. I'm blessed to have a strong support system who are always readily available whenever I need them and doesn't judge me with what they see. Perhaps this is what they meant when they say love is when you can't sleep because reality  is better than your dreams, because you get to feel the warmth of someone's love and care instead of dreaming and hoping. 

♥ u Mister!

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