Friday, February 24, 2012

Date weekend

After weeks of not watching movie, me and Mister finally went for one last Saturday, watching Ghost Rider 2. 

Personally I won't really recommend this sequel because to me (personal opinion!) , the whole movie was largely just about CGI, graphic effects and whatnots. The storyline is actually quite good but I got turned off by the overly-done visual effects. Reminded me of my take on one of the Final Destination's movie sequel, ALL ABOUT VISUAL EFFECTS, GRRRR! A letdown indeed. 

Anyways, moving on to food (good stuff!) , earlier before the movie, we had our lunch at Pizza Hut where I had my weeks-long craving of seafood lasagna and Mister had his usual Hawaiian pizza. 

For dinner we went to Delicious as I am still dreaming about its yummy pavlova. At the time I was kind of having a mild headache and didn't want to have a fuss over what to eat so I ordered Delicious's beef burger with Shoestring Fries (so simple that I didn't take any photo of it) and Mister had Hainanese Chicken Chop.

His Hainanese Chicken Chop over mushroom sauce
Verdict - the sauce saved the dish!

THE pavlovaaaaa!

Of course, I wouldn't end the day without scouring for bags OR tops/dresses. 

Denim jacket - F&F
Dress - Cotton On
Bag - Carlo Rino

This look is inspired from Khloe Kardashian's personal style. Love it!

Ehem, eventually I did NOT get anything from any of the shops I entered. 
No mood for shopping perhaps? Ngehhh.
Oh well, there's always another weekend.


Oh ya, I've got a small project I'm currently working on.

Here's a sneak peek : 

Hope it'll turn out great. 


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