Sunday, August 15, 2010

In need of good music fix

I miss watching music gigs, especially soul and R&B gigs. There's something about watching gigs that gives me goosebumps. Besh tau!

Kan sometimes the singer will sing medleys of his/her own songs plus other songs as well. Kadang2 they will also sing oldies that you have not heard in a long time and thus, triggers memories ;) Pffft! Well, the point is that I love gigs and will make sure this year I go to at least one more gig. I love the songs, the ambiance, the crowd, the passion. How the musicians look and sound so much better live, how the crowd share the same passion as you.Darn, miss the whole R&B era. They just don't produce good R&B music anymore.

Just to commemorate, I'll post up videos of Stylistics with their 70's hit, 'You Make Me Feel Brand New' which afterwards was made popular again by Simply Red and then, revised by my all-time favourite R&B group, Boys 2 Men. Enjoy ya.

Stylistics and their best number

The same beautiful number improvised by Boys 2 Men

Might need to find (or rather reunite with) musically-inclined partners/gangs ;)

Music without soul is like an empty melody - Babyface

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