Sunday, August 15, 2010

In the arms of an angel

I just realized that my blog entries does not have substance.Or enough of it.So I will try to have more of that in the upcoming entries.

Anyways, I went back to my hometown last week. Just a 4-day getaway, which I think is not enough at all. It's ok, I guess, because I will be back again in October. So for the whole of 4 days, my families have been stuffing me with good old Sarawakian food, from Mee Kolok to Mee Crispy to Kek Lapis to the dinner buffet in Hilton (to celebrate Mak's birthday).

That's my Mak with the 2 rascals

I wish I can have this everytime.Not the food (although I won't mind that at all). It's not really about the food anyway. It's the company of comfort. That's what I really want. 

Imagine having a really bad day at work and at the end of the day, all you really want is just comfort and familiarity. You know, that feeling that you feel when you were little and tripped over something and fell down and all you wanted that time was your mum. Yes, that feeling of comfort.

Nowadays I feel like I need it badly. True, I am surrounded by great companions and all but it's different. Sometimes it goes to the extend that I thought I would go crazy. Literally. 

I miss having someone (single or plural) who will be there no matter what. Who will be there regardless of what I've been through, who will be there regardless of what others say, good or bad. Someone who doesn't judge because when we start to judge, we might miss their good side.

Is this a phase? I need a good motivational read, again. Life is starting to get pretty boring.

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