Saturday, March 20, 2010

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - A MUST GO!

20th March 2010 - My first day of Fest

The Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival was so-the-awesome!

Except for the very hot weather and the fact that only 2 hot air balloons that they exhibited this year, the rest was A-OK!

Just for information, the location of the fiesta is at Precint 2, Putrajaya. You can't miss it if you follow the Precint 2 signboard, and it's just after the beautiful bridge.

The fee for the hot air balloon ride is RM10 for a few minutes ride, and according to the Pak RELA/Pak Guard who guarded the line, people had been lining up as early as 6:00 am to get the tickets and actually for the first day, they wanted to release only 300 tickets, but due to the response, they released another 200.I did NOT get the chance to get on it! But I'll be coming back there tomorrow with another friend. So hopefully I get the tickets to go UP tomorrow!

Aside from the hot air balloon ride, you can also ride on sphere balls (on land and on water), go-kart, mini bikes and bicycles. There are also many, many stalls opened ala flea markets and there is also a section for exhibition from organisations such as the Malaysian Aviation, MERCY, etc.

You can also ride on the helicopter, but mind you, the fee is RM120 per person :)

Things to note:
1) Put on loads of SPF ok? It's DAMN HOT!
2) Sunglasses/Caps/Hats
3) Drinking water (but they are also selling lots of them there,so no worries)
4) Watch your kids. It can be a chaos there.

I came with my nephews who are avid fan of photography (that's the whole point of bringing them there) and they enjoyed the day.I left the scene sweaty and smelly.Urgh, but it was well worth it :)

21st March 2010 - My second day of Fest

Geez, I've gotten dark again! Even with the sunscreen all over.Haiyoh.
Today I started off to the fest a wee bit earlier than yesterday.Reached there at around 8.30 am ('cos I wanted to buy the balloon tickets).And I was glad that I came again today because there were MORE BALLOONS TODAY! Was excited already. Since Lene was not there yet, I went straight to the counter (where the long queues are) and again to my disappointment, the tickets had already sold out for the morning session.It was just 8.30 am, man! Anyhoo,in the end, we decided not to go on the balloon anymore because we wouldn't be sure what time we would actually get on the balloon.

The extras that they had today was that they had paragliders gliding around the skies, more hot-air balloons, more food stalls and being the last day of the fest, more people! The weather was not as hot as yesterday, in fact it was most of the time breezy.Heaven~

Lene and I started the day with sandwiches from Dessert's Bar (2 thumbs up) - a healthy chicken mayo sandwich, and drinks from Kelantan Delights.Most of the other food stalls were not opened at the time. Next, we roamed around the already-packed areas watching people getting on the hot-air balloons, playing sphere balls, taking photos and strolling around the food and merchandise stalls.We bought ourselves a make-up bag each.Haha.I nearly gave myself a face painting okay? The deal was pretty good I reckon, RM5 for a pic anywhere on your body, RM10 for half-face, RM15 for whole face.However, since I wasn't going anywhere else after the event, the face paint would be useless then.

After a good half day of strolling around, we took a breather eating ice-creams (extremely HOT day, did I mention?) and went back.

I was glad I came to the event, lots of interesting things/happenings, lovely people and I think I've lost a few calories just by sweating :P Will make another comeback next year :)

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