Tuesday, January 7, 2014

kain putih

Assalamualaikum abang2 and kakak2, aunties and uncles. 
I'm the latest addition to the Adeni family and I shall still remain nameless ;)

My niece, born on New Year, alhamdulillah. She looks exactly her mummy. Hehehe. I cannot wait to go back to Kuching to meet this munchkin. 

I'm sure you'll grow up gorgeous, baby girl. Yes! Another reason for me to buy more tutus!

On another note, last December while attending Twins of Faith 2013 Family Festival, there was this session for kids aged 5 and above called 'Play and Pray'. This session is particularly working as a nursery for kids as a means to facilitate and ease their parents who wish to go for talks and workshops throughout the day. But this ain't an ordinary cookies and milk nursery I tell ya. They actually teach kids the practices of Islam as a way of living. So on the way to one of the talks that day, I passed by that particular 'Play and Pray' hall and took a peek inside. Children were having a great time with their activities and one of the facilitator was asking them, "So who wants to be the imam for today's Zuhur prayer?" And almost all the kids were raising their hands. Mashaallah, if you can listen to what my heart was saying, it was actually shouting, "Wait? What? You guys are just tiny minions of 5 and you guys can confidently raise up your hands to lead a hall (of say about 100 kids) to pray?" Like, seriously? That alone, was like a slap in my face. Ko ado?

By the way, the Twins of Faith Family Festival is THE event of 2013 that I was soooo excited about. Was counting days for it. Organised by Mercy Mission Malaysia, its main objective is to bring in Muslim scholars from different parts of the world to give talks and to conduct workshops on different topics for the benefits of Muslims and non-Muslims who are interested to learn more about Islam. Besides talks and workshops, there were bazaars going on, a sisters corner for ehem, girly stuff (like pedicure manicure, spa treatment, sale of cosmetics), nursing rooms for mothers, a marriage corner (I heard this was such a hit), charity booths and charity drives and as mentioned earlier, a play and pray zone for kids. Everything about the event is beneficial for all ages so I do encourage you to come for this year's. It usually happens end of December :) Do come, I assure you a 2-day of knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

 The wonderful line-up of speakers for 2013

The treasure seekers :P

Kamal Saleh, the recent Youtube sensation for his rap on Islam

The best view 

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