Monday, December 9, 2013

take a bow

Always my favourite time of the day. Especially when I have a breakfast date with the love of my life. Was ecstatic, you can't imagine how excited I was. 
10 am. Got your message cancelling our date. Your landlord's coming over to get some letters. 
Well, it had BS written all over it. It was actually her, asking for your help to get some furniture for her new place, which coincidentally is next to yours. 

Friday night. 
Waited for hours for our dinner date. Got your message, you're still out with your colleagues (really?). When we finally meet, you told me you've eaten. And I was.... yes, super hungry. 

Sunday morning. 
You told me to get you a coffee. Thing is, you wanted that 5 minutes of my absence, to reply her 'Good Morning'  messages.

Saturday night.
You excused yourself to go to the gents. Again, that 5 minutes of your absence, to reply her Facebook comments on your page. 

I would catch you at times, scrolling through her Facebook profile to check up on her. 

The same person you said you will never be with. The same thing you said you would never do. 

"There's different kinds of love. Some people you can love and let them go, because they have their careers etc. Like you and Julie. 
Some people, you just want to love and take care of."

I should've known better. Should've known that coward in you. 

For that you deserve each and every bit of this song.

Well, goodbye to you, painful, selfish memories. 
2013's ending in just about 3 weeks and you're an access baggage I should've just dropped off months ago.

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