Monday, May 7, 2012

busy bee

Been quite busy lately, with work, video shoot and my projects. It's a bit overwhelming sometimes but I love it.  There was this one day that I've been up since 7 am (slept at 3 am prior to that) and worked the whole day through until after 12 am, and still kept my eyes open to do some online stuff until 3 am. And the next day, I allowed my body to rest (aka sleep) until 12 pm. If only my mum knew. Phew! 

Amidst the chaotic work life, I spent some weekends catching up with my best buddies and even brought some of them to my office's family day :D

Just a few snapshots of what I've been up to.

My office's family day at Sunway Lagoon. 
Also was my first visit there and it definitely won't be my last visit. 
Had fun with sliding down the whirling water slides on water tubes (adrenaline rush!) and discovering the different bits of the lagoon, which I didn't even had time to complete despite being there since 9 am!
In this photo, yes, I was one of the few people right in front of the stage, talk about excitement!

A colleague's (Hash, far left) last dinner with us as he is now moving up a ladder in Bank Negara Malaysia.
Dinner was in Indian Kitchen, Cyberjaya. 

Breakfast and catching up with girlfriends - had big breakfast at La Bodega, Bangsar with Wafi and Asha. 
Gossip session over orange juice and coffee is a must!

This is the big plan of the day - Asha's tattoo session
This was at Borneo Ink, Sri Hartamas
The guy who was doing the tattoo, Simon, was ehem, from Sarawak (well of course!) and he has opened up this tattoo place with his brother.

Wafi who was also super-excited as I am for Asha

A souvenir from Sunway Lagoon, well I still had to pay for it :P But since those were great photos of me and my girlfriend, so why not?

The next 2 photos including this one describes that day when I had to wake up at 7am and then slept at 3am. All in the name of passion!

Hers and his
They were having a Crocs clearance sale at Tropicana City Mall, so the deal was only RM100 for 2 pairs of Crocs.
Of course, the designs and sizes was limited, however they have different designs coming  in daily (or so they say)
I would've bought 2 pairs just for myself (hehehe) but I was thinking that I haven't bought anything for a while for the Mister, so there you go. 

A lovely plastic basket I bought at flea market, Subang Parade
I think I negotiated with the uncle for about half an hour?

And then this, Mak's Mother's Day present
I shall not disclose what I bought. Not til she opens the package anyway :D

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