Sunday, August 7, 2011

Me and my dreambags

I have a thing for tote bags *sigh* 

While waiting for Subuh, I browsed through some online store and immediately fell in love with these 2 bags (err.. honestly, plus the other hundreds in the collection)

*drum rolls*

Amy's dreambags nominees areee.. 

Gucci Crystal Tote Bag


And this,

Gucci Tote Bag

Nampaknya kena berusaha lebih gigih lagi kat kompeni baru ni. 

Kompeni baru? Hehe..

Been making a lot of changes in my personal life recently, will blog about it soon. 

Wanna have some nap before the day begins ;) And oh, selamat berpuasa everyone!

p/s: Check out my recent purchase :))) 

Bak kata the Mister, I AM into crocodile skin :P

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