Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can't sleep tonight

It is now 3-ish am and I still can't sleep. Probably due to the fact that I slept earlier after my day out scouring for some stuffs in Petaling Street. Earlier in the day when I was in the train heading to Pasar Seni, there were some teenagers practising their Christmas carol in the train and to me, it was indeed very nice. Cos then I started to feel like Christmas is actually just around the corner (well, I wasn't feeling the Christmas mood yet initially). Nice.

We finished around 1 pm and I headed straight home. It was starting to rain heavily anyways.
I had the whole house to myself for the rest of the day. It felt nice cos it was raining, the house was dim and I was watching chick flicks right up til evening. I like it when I can spend 'me' time doing nothing.Like that. Like now, too. Best! And after that, I felt asleep on my lovely sofa. Heheh! Tired, and I woke up early on a weekend k? I need that compensated :P

Well, I guess I better sleep now, seriously. Got to do some email drafting and figure out the price for the stuffs we scoured in Petaling Street tomorrow.And yeap, need to do some Christmas shopping for my other half. So adios, and sweet dreams :)

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