Sunday, January 1, 2012

Girlfriends's outing ♥

This is actually a back-dated blog entry. It was a day I went out with one of my best girlfriends, Azlene (on Christmas day, to be exact). I haven't seen her in ages (probably 2 months) 'cos we've been busy with our own thang ;)

So we met up in Sunway Pyramid, had some gossip session while eating our yummy desserts away. 

Azlene is one of those friends who can instantly lit up your day with just her smile, seriously. One of my girlfriends even commented on Lene's eyes as 'smiling eyes'. Yup, true (please verify the statement from the photos below). 

Anyways, after having our desserts (get this, we have not even had our main course yet, Delicious was waving its pavlova and red velvets at us when we're passing it), we went for our shopping spree. I got myself several tops and a pair of flat shoes which I was kind of aiming for ;) 

First time trying Pavlova

Lene and her red velvet


I love us!

Have you seen anything like this amazing shoe store?
It's 'Payless' of Sunway Pyramid's new wing

Each aisle represents 1 shoe size

We finally found Christian Siriano's shoe in this store (not the one Lene is holding though) 

Loving outings with besties!

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