Tuesday, March 5, 2013

march birthday baby

As I'm writing this, there's only less than an hour before I reach another age ;) So I suppose it would be nice to have an entry to reflect how I feel yada2 right now. I just realised that I haven't written any entry in February. I was itching to blog about what's been happening to me lately but I was so very absorbed in my work that as much as I want to blog, my mind just can't produce any lines to start with, and my body is just screaming for rest rest rest!

So much have been happening these few months and it has definitely taken a toll on my health. But it is all worth it. Definitely. I've just launched my own line of clothing. Not really launch per se, I've sold them to the public and have been receiving good feedback on them. I've also have switched teams, which means a normal working hour which I'm still trying to adjust. These are just a few changes that I'm going through in my life right now. I'm extremely excited on what life is throwing my way this year. Last year, I told myself to slow it down in terms of activities, but at the start of the year, my great friends have planned all sorts of travel  ideas into my head and yeah, it's gonna be another travelling year I suppose. It is probably true that when you don't put too much high expectations on yourself, great things will come :)

Speaking of that, sometime in February, the women talk show, Bella on NTV 7 has discussed a topic on women who found their love when they are in their 30-something. A topic so close to my heart :P Most of them said that they had actually given up searching for their Mr Right. One even said she stop searching when she reached 30. What?! And when they finally stop searching, the men came. This is rather inspiring because like I said before this, when you don't expect too much, great things will come. Thinking back, I guess it holds some truth in it too because I met Mister when I really didn't think of having a relationship at that time, and by far, this is one of the best berani-mati decision I've made so far. No, no wedding bells (or kompang) yet, because I want to focus on my passion and to help my family out. Really, things happen (or do not happen, yet) for a reason. God knows best, I tell you :) Just believe.

I wanted to plan something for my birthday this year but there's just no time to plan. So I guess I'll just hag Starbucks etc for some free coffee or free cake.. hahaha! You know, get some free birthday goodies while the big day lasts. Actually I've bought myself sort of a birthday present last month, but it's still due in the mail. Something from Marc Jacobs, one of my favourite designer. I just hope it looks as good as it is in the catalogue, fingers crossed.

Oh well, I've gotta tuck in now (since my working hours have shifted to the earlier part of the day). Alhamdulilah for these blessings, ya Allah. And most importantly, thank You for giving me a loving family and amazing friends. Insyallah I will give my best to life, and also to You.


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  1. happy belated birthday!

    and good luck with that clothing business.